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恐怖 • 死, UNIQSO I.fairy Hanabi Pink & Skin79 CC Cream...

UNIQSO I.fairy Hanabi Pink & Skin79 CC Cream review

Hi everyone, first I’m gonna talk about the lenses.

I recomend beginners to have a look at Uniqso Circle Lens Library. It is very helpful and contains all the information about big eye circle lenses and contacts. Beginners are often concerned about the safety of circle lenses and reading this library articles told me that circle lenses are totally safe to wear until you are taking proper care of your contacts. With big eye circle lenses and makeup you can create almost any kind of makeup look. There is a long list of korean and western celebrities who love to wear circle lenses
If you are new to circle lenses; you can win free big eye circle lenses at uniqso too. 

If you want to shop on Uniqso, don’t forget to use the coupon code riemi for 10% off.

They took two months to arrive to my house but it wasn’t UNIQSO fault, but the brasilian correios.

  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Color Tones: 2 tones
  • Diameter: 16.2mm


Color: ★★★★

I give this lenses 4/5 stars because the pink color doesnt show well in natural lightning as you can see here:

The aren’t very vibrant either, i’d say it’s a “natural” pink.

Design: ★★★★

Very cool desing, doesn’t blend with your natural eye color but it’s like a hurricane inside the lenses, I thought it’s very cool. It also gives you a dolly look with the black ring.

Comfortableness: ★★★★

I can’t feel they are in my eyes for a long time. They are very very comfortable, I didn’t have any problem with these lenses. Very great for everyday and convention use.

Overall: ★★★★

Although the color doesn’t show very well I give this lenses 5/5 because I think the color is fine like this. I prefer natural circle lenses and with this I can go outside and don’t make people around me freak out.

That’s it with the circle lenses, now i’m gonna talk about the CC Cream:

Product description:

Use Skin79 CC cream Correct to revitalize your own natural complexion. Its triple action formula with light beige shade lightens the skin tone, improve wrinkles, and block harmful UV rays to ensure younger looking fresh skin with a radiant glow. ‘Skin79 CC Cream Correct’ recovers the lost skin’s tone due to sun damage.

Skin79 CC Cream Correct adheres smoothly by quickly absorbing into the skin thus hides the imperfections flawlessly. Skin79 CC Cream Correct has number of skin care benefits to offer. Few of which are

  • Soothes dry & stressed skin
  • Keeps skin firm & elastic
  • Provides nutrition to skin
  • Prevents skin from damage
  • Provides natural coverage
  • Reduces the enlarged pores

My picture:

My opinion:

This CC Cream isn’t a BB cream or a foundation, it’s something to help your skin and you have to wear this everyday to see results and you can use your cc cream and then your bb cream for better results.

Find out if your skin needs a BB Cream or a CC Cream. CC Cream is a Korean skin care product using which you can care for your skin the Korean Way.

I choose this bb cream because my skin is oily and I wanted to see what it does with enlarged pores.

I noticed that I can wear the cc cream plus the bb cream for more than 5 hours without feeling oily, and then I have to retouch the makeup with a face powder.

At first when you apply it does give your face a natural glow, and it hydrates the skin at the same time. It does not covers your imperfections, but with time, it does soften them. 

Also what I think that is very good about this CC Cream is that it has SPF25 PA++, so you can go outside with this without needing to use a sun block first.

Overall: ★★★★

I give the CC Cream 4 stars because I thought it would hold my oilness for more time. But, I’ll continue using it as my everyday CC Cream cause it’s very good to my skin, with everyday use you can notice your imperfections (acne scars, redness, etc) will eventually go away, making your skin tone more even.

That’s it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and my reviews. Thank you UNIQSO once again for sponsoring me awesome products as always.


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