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恐怖 • 死, Hello~! Today I’m going to talk about a lovely...

Hello~! Today I’m going to talk about a lovely store called SheInside. }

They sell all kind of clothes for women, and when I first saw this store here on tumblr, I was completely in love with everything. ;_;

Plus, to make it even better, they have a FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! And if it’s your first time buying there, you have access to a 15% off coupon code~!

Anyways, browsing the site I found interesting clothings, especially the cardigans, they are my favorite. 

So I picked some clothes I would love to have, as you can see in the pictures, and I’m sure you would love too.

I’ll be listing them above:


1) Nude Angel Cat Print Sheer Tights

2) Black Star Print Long Sleeve Ripped Distressed Jumper

3) White Long Sleeve Cat Face Print Sweatshirt

4) Dark Blue Elastic Waist Zipper Pleated Skirt

5) Blue High Waist Flanging Heart Print Denim Shorts

6) Purple Criss Cross Zipper Skirt

7) Navy Long Sleeve Buttons Ruffles Dress

 8) Pink V Neck Long Sleeve Embroidery Ruffles Dress

 9) Black Hooded BOY Cross Print Pockets Sweatshirt

10) Pink Round Neck and White Cross Pattern Jumper Sweater

You can also check their LOOKBOOK to see the clothings worn on person~

That’s it! I hope you like the little post about the wonderful SheInside.

See ya!!

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